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Congratulations on the addition to your family tree!

While breastfeeding is normal, it isn't always easy.  

The pressure to breastfeed can also be overwhelming.  I'm here to help!

I'm an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. 

I come to your house with a baby scale and a bag full of experience to help you with the Booby Traps and issues many new moms see during the first year. 

I have been working with families since 2001 and I am passionate about providing support to new families.  


Initial consultations are scheduled for 90 minutes.  Follow up appointments are on a sliding scale.

Consults include:                                                                                              

Full medical history
Suck/Swallow/Breathe assessment
Tongue Tie Assessment and Oral Therapy
Latch adjustments
Test weights and transfer assurance
Position adjustments
Pumping and bottling guidance
Feeding plans
Loving sleep support
Education regarding baby led weaning and food introduction

Call or text - 720.335.1796


Kristi R. Conroy, BA, IBCLC, RLC

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

American Heart Association CPR Instructor

NHTSA Certified Car Seat Technician

CAPPA Certified Labor Doula and Lactation Educator

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